Monday, February 06, 2012

Video In SuccessFactors JAM

I use video to share concepts and convey thoughts with my colleagues around the world. I also use video for training purposes. I have been using Vimeo and YouTube for my videos so far. I recently started using SuccessFactors JAM to share my videos with colleagues inside and outside the company. I like the way my videos show up on my wall in JAM. My colleagues and I can discuss the video. I can track views.

Uploading videos
I uploaded videos captured with  my Sony Camcorder and my iPhone.

Uploading video from a mobile phone
Uploading video from an iPhone via 3G wireless worked well in JAM. This is great for capturing short updates after a meeting or capturing training videos while away from a desk.

Video in the context of everyday work
Video is already a critical business tool used for regular business communication.  JAM provides tools to seamlessly bring video into day to day work. With cameras in laptops and mobile phones, there is very little barrier today for videos to play an important role in everyday business communication, information sharing and training.

Considering that the video hosting site Vimeo costs about $60 a year per person, the video in SuccessFactors JAM is great value for money. You can use if for free.

Here is a screenshot of how video appears as part of regular updates in JAM.


  1. Glad to see Career OnDemand on screenshot. :)

  2. Glad to see Career OnDemand on screenshot. :)


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