Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Is A Group With One Member Really A Group?

Today, I wanted to created a workspace in SuccessFactors JAM to test some features privately. The only way to create that workspace was to create a group with just one member - me. That did not make sense. So I wondered why a workspace is called a group in JAM. When exactly will a person click on that button name "Create Group"? After a bit of pondering I concluded that people click on the "Create Group" button when  they want  a workspace to do something on their own or when they want to do something together with others.

When I click on the "Create Group" button, my focus is on getting something done. If I need someone's help to get that something done, I may invite more people and they may join the workspace.  The purpose is to get things done - not just forming the group.

I wonder what everyone thinks about this.

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