Friday, February 03, 2012

SuccessFactors JAM - Company Specific Groups

I have been using SuccessFactors JAM for collaborating with SAP and SuccessFactors colleagues for a while now. I believe in keeping my work as transparent as possible. So I let any member of my JAM work groups invite anyone they think should view and contribute to the work we are doing. However some of the work we do is confidential and no one outside SAP is allowed to look at it. JAM lets me be as open and nimble as possible within the company without compromising the confidentiality of my work.

When I create a group in JAM I can specify if this is a company specific group or a cross company group. I can also specify if group members can invite others to join the group. For company-confidential work, I pick the 'company specific group' option while allowing any group member to invite other SAP colleagues to the group. This improves the agility of the team and keeps it nimble. At the same time, it also restricts the members from accidentally inviting people outside the company to the group.

This feature helps me ensure that there is enough freedom and openness in the work group while confidential information is not leaked outside the company.

Many partners and customers reached out to me and said that they are not familiar with JAM. JAM is a free product. You can start using it here.

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