Sunday, December 11, 2011

Telling Your Story To a Distributed Audience Using Video

Video is an effective and inexpensive way to convey your story to a large audience. Video conveys much more than a written email accompanies by a static presentation. Video can convey a story and the emotion attached to it. Unlike a presentation, a video can show real world objects and convey high fidelity

You do not need a professional production. Just hold a video camera in your hand and point the camera at the prototype on a screen and tell the story as you would to an audience in a room. You do not need to write an elaborate video script for the story. The total time you spend on recording a story in video format and sharing should not exceed 30 minutes.

Making a video and listening to your own story narrated is a good way to experience the story yourself. If you are not convinced by your own story, you will get an opportunity to refine it. Based on our experience and feedback from colleagues we found out that Seven minutes or less is the optimum duration for a video distributed to a large audience.

A well made video can replace a one hour meeting and save hours for you and your colleagues. There are several technologies available for sharing your video privately with a select group of people. YouTube is a free and easy. Vimeo is another service that is very good for such sharing. Vimeo charges a fee for password protected videos.

Here is a sample video I made some time back to convey a concept. It is not really a story. But it will give you an idea of the tone and style of production.

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