Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What If Competitors Copy The Concepts in Career OnDemand

One of our partners asked me if I am worried that competitors will copy the people-centric concepts and features that we spent years researching, co-innovating and building. I told him that I believe the concepts pioneered by Career OnDemand are so important that they should be available for all companies in the world, not just SAP customers. I have great respect for all our competitors. The software vendor that executes best and earns the trust of most customers will reap the most benefits. No matter who executes best, the world will be a better place when workers around the world are empowered with people-centric tools. The idea is to make the world run better....and may be make some money in the process.

By the way, my colleagues and I have been pretty open about the design principles that drove the design of Career OnDemand. I even have a post on the books that influenced our thinking. But how are competitors going to copy the trusted relationship we have with more than 12,000 HCM customers around the world. How are they going to repeat the more than 170 sessions we had with tens of customers over eighteen months to listen carefully and co-innovate. 

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