Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Role Of A Co-Innovation Lead

@esdediego is the co-innovation lead for Career OnDemand. For those who watch him from outside, it might look as if he is like an account manager. He contacts customers, arranges co-innovation sessions and hosts them. But what they do not see is the direct contribution he makes to improve the probability of success of Career OnDemand.

In a study of 59 smart entrepreneurs with the same level of intelligence, researchers found that those who sought out feedback from customer early and often were more successful than those who did not. They also found that the more feedback the entrepreneurs got from customers, the more successful they were.

@esdediego watches the quality of product design closely and determines the frequency and quantity of feedback sessions we should have with customers. Some weeks he arranges more and some weeks he decides that we need to focus on building. Like a great coach, he keeps us on a steady pace of innovation without slacking or burning ourselves out. This is not easy. We have an edge over other companies who do not understand this. Our edge is Eduardo Salamanca de Diego.

With his unique touch, Eduardo has significantly increased the probability of the success of Career OnDemand.

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