Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Should SAP Career OnDemand Customers Care About SAP HANA

One of the perks of my job is that I can walk to the cafeteria in my office and run into some of the world's best business software architects and business software executives. Today I ran into a colleague who is a solution manager for SAP HANA. He asked me what is going on with Career OnDemand and I asked him why should the customers of Career OnDemand care about HANA. This is what he said. Since this is just a informal conversation between friends, everything we spoke about is hypothetical. Nothing is official.

He and his colleagues may introduce HANA technology to the Business By Design platform sometime in the future. Career OnDemand uses the Business ByDesign platform. So customers using Career OnDemand will see significant performance improvements to start with. Because HANA significantly simplifies the technology, developers of Career OnDemand will be able to turn out innovation at a faster pace. Career OnDemand will be able to provide instant insight to managers, recruiters and employees about people, their goals, activities, career history, feedback and reputation. The right people with the right skills will be found by the right project at the right time. Talent will be put to its most efficient use because employees will be more connected than ever. He sold me on HANA. I suspect this might take a while. But it is worth the wait.

Here is a video explaining the value of HANA.

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