Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Another Reason Why HR Professionals Need To Care About Data Integration

I attended a very good presentation on healthcare reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act by an Ellen A. Feeney, VP Councel of ADP Healtcare Compliance. It was an excellent educational session. I was curious about the integration requirements that this reporting will require.
Ellen pointed out that while healthcare reporting is like W2 reporting, it is a lot more complex and requires data to come from HRIS, Payroll, Benefits and other systems. This is another reason why HR professionals need to care about integration between these systems. If this is not done the penalties are very steep. You can read more about this here

The reporting requires employers to collect social security numbers of dependents. This will require better security and robust integration between systems.

Here is a good infographic about health care reform from ADP.

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