Monday, March 02, 2015

Content Governance Model For Product Managers Using SAP Jam

The good thing about SAP Jam is the it makes it easy to create content repositories to collaborate. In the SAP SuccessFactors Integration Jam group, I manage, I kept the pages open for all participants. Almost anyone inside the company could add, edit, even delete content.

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Ease of use and open policies sometimes leads to content proliferation, the same way rich soil in a garden invites weeds and unplanned growth. Such unplanned growth and unwanted content needs to be controlled when possible and removed on a periodic basis. Governance for a collaboration site is a bit like weeding an organic garden. You cannot use harsh pesticides and in some cases have to use hand weeding to avoid harming the plants that thrive there.

We faced the same problem last year with the SuccessFactors integration Jam group. So this year I wrote a governance document for asset creation and maintenance. I studied the content governance models of universities and read the best practices shared by various experts to come up with the model. I wanted to strike a balance between good content governance and too much bureaucracy.

Here is the document and its table of contents. I posted the governance document in the SAP SuccessFactors Integration internal Jam group. You have to be in the SAP network to access it. If you are a non-SAP Jam user and would like the document to use as a template, please leave a comment or email me.

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