Saturday, March 07, 2015

When Is HANA Cloud Integration A Good Integration Technology Option for Talent Hybrid Customers

I met several SAP ERP HCM customers running SuccessFactors Talent Solutions at the HR Insider Conference recently. We discussed how they are integrating SuccessFactors Talent Solutions with SAP ERP HCM. I have been recommending SAP Process Integration (PI) as the integration technology option for Talent Hybrid customers. One such customer said that they are in the process of picking an integration technology at this time. When they asked their CIO to invest in hardware and software licenses for SAP Process Integration (PI), the CIO was not inclined to do so and did not give them the budget for various business reasons.  They do not use any other middleware technology on-premise either.

For this customer, I recommended SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI). For customers who do not use SAP Process Integration and have no plans to invest in an on-premise integration middleware technology, HANA Cloud Integration(HCI) is a good option. HCI does not require investment in hardware and software licenses because it is delivered from the cloud, and the customer pays only for the service during  the contract period, which is usually 3-5 years. The subscription fee can come from the HR team's budget and need not come from a CIO's budget. The cost of subscription is usually much lower than the total cost of ownership of an on-premise middleware technology.

Please note that this recommendation is for the Talent Hybrid scenario. You can learn about the three SuccessFactors cloud deployment options here.

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