Sunday, November 24, 2013

How Social Media Helped A Career Change

Recently at the SuccessFactors seminars in Las Vegas and Orlando, my fellow speaker, Venki Krishnamoorthy and I were discussing his days in the city of Doha, Qatar. Venki spent a couple of years in the Persian Gulf area and was talking about the culture and work environment there.

Venki at the SuccessFactors Seminar
He told me that, while away from his home base of US, where most of the SuccessFactors related events were happening, his main source of reliable information was social media channels such as SCN, LinkedIn Groups, personal blogs of SAP HCM Mentors and twitter commentary from SuccessFactors and SAP events by people he knew and trusted. He told me that while he took the standard press releases from SAP and SuccessFactors with a grain of salt, he trusted the experiences shared, opinions voiced and practical insights highlighted by his peers who were active in the social media channels.

He added that such reliable insight via social media channels nudged him to explore the opportunities provided by SuccessFactors seriously and eventually move back to the US, get trained in SuccessFactors and join Deloitte Consulting. He did this despite the numerous opportunities he has in the Persian Gulf area. Today, he is a well respected SuccessFactors expert with some implementations already under his belt.

I believe that every one who takes the time to share their knowledge, experience and insight on the SAP SuccessFactors topic, including Luke Marson, Jarret Pazahanick, Jeremy Masters, Yannick PeterSchmitt, Kouros Behzad, Paru Shankar, Franz Smolders, Heike Kolar and Martin Gillet will be pleased to hear Venki's career change story. For many of these colleagues, social media sharing is not their day job. They do it because they want to make a difference, influence the future and give back to the community that helped shape their career.

Venki did not stop utilizing social media once he made his career move. He continues to use such channels to take day to day decisions, make recommendations to his customers and even convince his customers about a project direction.
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