Sunday, November 24, 2013

SAP Jam As A Change Management Tool

Kellie , on the left, talked about the role of SAP Jam in change management
I always tell customers who consider SuccessFactors Learning that they should consider adding SAP Jam to the mix to serve the informal learning needs of their employees.

In the SuccessFactors seminar. where I spoke recently, I learned something new. Kellie Fitzpatrick, the CEO of Symphony consulting talked about the role SAP Jam is playing in enabling change in an organization implementing SuccessFactors products.  She talked about the experience of a project manager at a current customer who uses collaboration tools to talk about the project status, engage project team members and train future users. She said that the video creation features of Jam, the groups feature, the document collaboration features and the mobile access of Jam make it an excellent tool for change management.

Kellie's observation, based on real world experience is a very valid one. In fact it might help to implement SAP Jam first and use that as a collaboration, learning and change management tool while implementing other modules of SuccessFactors.

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