Sunday, September 22, 2013

SuccessFactors Solutions Overview - Stories Of Three People

One out of the three sessions that I am delivering at the SuccessFactors seminar series is titled SuccessFactors Solution Overview. The purpose is to give the audience an overview of how SuccessFactors solutions impact people everyday at work. I was wondering about how to highlight the key features in all the talent solution modules and the employee central area. I discussed this with Darrell Lew, my very experienced solution consulting colleague. He suggested that we tell the story from the point of view of three people.

1. A millennial employee entering the workforce and experiencing the social and mobile tools.
2. A Manager having clear visibility of her team's performance and having deep insight into their talent.
3. A HR Generalist providing tools that appeal to a multi-generational workforce.

I sketched a trailer for the first story. The images here are place holders, which I will replace with illustrations in the next few days.

These are the seven take-aways from the session that will have two to three stories split into about twenty scenes and several demos of the product.

  1. Learn how employees are attracted and on-boarded using social and mobile solutions
  2. Learn how employees are empowered with feedback via performance management solutions
  3. Understand how managers can align individuals to company strategy
  4. Learn how managers can get clear visibility into their teams
  5. Learn how managers can get deep insight into the performance & compensation of their teams
  6. Learn how managers can develop their teams while making succession plans.
  7. Learn how HR Generalists can empower a multi-generational workforce with powerful tools.

This presentation is my first attempt to bring together content from the entire SuccessFactors suite into a single cohesive story. I am sure it will go through multiple revisions. Any thoughts on what I should do. Let me know.

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