Monday, September 23, 2013

SuccessFactors Seminars - The CXO Stories

When I shared my design ideas for the session on SuccessFactors Solutions Overview Vijay Nachimuthu suggested that I add a story from a CXOs point of view. I checked back at the CXO use cases I had written for SuccessFactors a few months back. Many of those use cases are about using instant insight into your talent to make important business decisions.

One of the key differentiation of SuccessFactors solutions is the ability of senior leaders to dig into talent data in near real time, even when they are in the middle of a discussion. In the near future SuccessFactors Analytics will be running on HANA. HANA technology takes analytics to the next level, where executives will be able to ask more questions based on standard reports and get instant insight. Vijay Vijayasankar explained this in detail in his recent post.

Here is an example of a use case from a CXO's point of view.

I plan to add a section for the Chief People Officer where she provides instant insight to business leaders to help them take important business decisions based on talent data.

I appreciate all the feedback from everyone. Your feedback is helping me shape the content of this important session. Some of you asked me how customers who are not able to attend this seminar can get the content. The best way is to ask your SAP Account Executive or SuccessFactors regional sales manager to contact me. You can also ask @AmyHThistle on twitter. She is the conference producer.

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