Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SuccessFactors - Where We Are And The Road Ahead...

I am doing some heads down work gathering the roadmap information from several product management and product marketing colleagues and putting them together in a one hour presentation format. I am doing this work so that I can share the information with the few hundred customers and partners we expect to attend the SuccessFactors Seminar Series in Las Vegas, Orlando and Copenhagen in November and December 2013.

I worked with my colleague Will Doolittle to design the roadmap presentation. He suggested that we could combine the trends we are monitoring, our high level response, recent features and the future direction into a single presentation. So I spent a few days on it and put it together.  +Kouros Behzad helped me with the Workforce Analytics roadmap. Eva Woo shared the Employee Central direction with me. Enric Gili shared the mobility direction.

The session is only an hour long. But to listen to the entire product direction in one hour will be very interesting, I think. We might be able to go a bit deeper and a bit broader than what we normally do at HR Insider and SuccessConnect. These are the seven things I plan to share in that session.

  1. Learn about the key trends affecting human capital management
  2. Learn how SuccessFactors is responding to those trends
  3. Understand the major investment areas of SuccessFactors
  4. Learn about recent and planned innovations in the Talent Solutions area
  5. Learn about recent and planned innovations in the Employee Central area
  6. Learn about recent and planned innovations in Analytics, Mobile and SAP Jam
  7. Understand the integration and extensibility strategy of SAP and SuccessFactors

The content might not only be useful for customers but also be useful for my own colleagues. Since many of us are neck deep in our own products every day, it might be interesting to see the entire roadmap including Talent Solutions, Employee Central, Payroll, SAP Jam, Analytics, Integration and HANA Cloud Platform, all in one swoop. It might throw some light on what we are doing and what we need to do. 

The content might undergo changes in the next few days. I might fine tune the content over the next several weeks. This is an interesting assignment for me because this is a broader topic, compared to the SAP SuccessFactors Hybrid topic that people normally associate me with,

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