Saturday, August 31, 2013

SAP Jam Helps Your Create A Learning Marketplace

In their ground breaking book titled 'A Pattern Language", Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein  say that "Concentrated cloistered universities, with closed administration policies and rigid procedures which dictate who may teach a course, kill opportunities for learning". To me this sounds a lot like today's corporate learning management systems.

The authors of  "A Pattern Language"  go on to say that "The original universities in the middle ages were simply collections of teachers who attracted students because they had something to offer. They were marketplaces of ideas, located all over town, where people could shop around for the ideas and learning that made sense to them".

This to me sounds a lot like SAP Jam which breaks rigid barriers to learning and opens up the flow of knowledge. Any employee who has anything valuable to share can do so via a document, a blog post or a video. Any employee who is looking for learning opportunities can search for the right content and the right teacher. This design of SAP Jam is not an accident. The design team of SAP Jam has learning in its DNA. A lot of these features, particularly the video based sharing and learning features came from a product called Jambok which was created by a company co-founded my colleague Karie Willyerd, the former Chief Learning Officer of Sun Microsystems.

If you want to create a vibrant learning marketplace that unleashes learning and collaboration in your organization, consider SAP Jam. It will be one of the best learning investments you make.

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