Friday, August 30, 2013

People Watched Tutorial Videos For About 2 Minutes

For about five years now I have been posting tutorial videos on YouTube. I primarily post to YouTube so that I can embed those videos in my blog posts. When I explored that analytics recently, I found an interesting statistic. Almost all viewers watch the education videos I post for about 2 minutes.

I find this data very interesting because, for a while I have been trying to find out  the optimum duration for an educational video posted in an informal learning tool such as SAP Jam. When I asked my colleagues who watch the videos I post on Jam they told me that 7 minutes was a good time. But it evident from the analytics below that people consistently watched the videos I posted for about 2 minutes. The style of presentation and the type of  content I post internally in SAP Jam is similar to the ones I post on YouTube. They are all educational in nature. This might be an interesting input for all the SAP Jam customers.

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