Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SAP Travel OnDemand is now available for customers

My colleague Shruti Yadav, the product manager for SAP Travel OnDemand informed all of us yesterday that SAP Travel OnDemand is now available for customers to buy. The solution is simple and has mobile and tablet interfaces. The team took a people centric approach, avoided unnecessary features and has built a good solution with a clean interface. I look forward to using it. Ray Wang observed that this product has the potential to become SAP's first consumer product.

Shruti mentioned that among the initial adopters of Travel OnDemand, there are customers with 60,000 users and customers with 25 users. The solution is built to handle big and small customers.

The home made video below shows a demo of the iPhone and iPad apps. The video was made by some of my colleagues. Looks like they had fun making the video.

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