Monday, February 13, 2012

People Centric Thinking For People Management Software

When we started the research for the next generation people management apps two years ago, we started by talking to more than 100 people around the world. None of them had anything to do with SAP. They were friends, family, students, working moms, retirees entering the workforce and so on. Based on the research we picked certain personas to focus on. The college student entering the workforce was one such persona. We called her Lisa. The trailer picture and the video below will give you some insight into how the team went about building people centric DNA inside SAP.

My product management colleague Anke, who is a very skilled writer and story teller, captured these personas in video format to share our findings with the world. Our solution management team considered this research important for world, not just for SAP customers. So they decided to share the research via YouTube with everyone, including other people management software providers. Here is a video capturing Lisa's career aspirations, expectations from her employer and work style. I hope you enjoy it.

The other videos are posted on YouTube. Check them out.

We are working on taking this research across all people management applications. It is going to be an interesting few years. 

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