Thursday, February 16, 2012

David Ludlow Articulates The Plan For Career OnDemand

David Ludlow spoke recently about the plans for SAP HCM and SAP Career OnDemand with ASUG News. He articulated the priorities and the plan forward for Career OnDemand. This is the excerpt from the ASUGNews site.
There is, in reality, another area of overlap in Career OnDemand, a SaaS talent management application SAP’s been developing. Further development has been stopped at this point, pending the acquisition, Ludlow says. Development has continued on what was planned in the “first wave” with customers participating through SAP’s co-innovation program. If SAP decides not to develop that application any further once the acquisition goes through, it will take the learning and the content from work with those customers and incorporate it into other software.
“We’ve learned a tremendous amount,” Ludlow says. “In the event [Career OnDemand] is not taken forward, we want to leverage as much of that as possible.”
I am pretty excited about the opportunity to take the concepts validated using Career OnDemand to more than 15 million users from over 3000 customers who use SuccessFactors today. I have a lot of respect for all the SuccessFactors product management colleagues, who built an industry leading performance management product that customer love.

I am also very excited about JAM, the collaboration platform of SuccessFactors that is integrated with the learning management system already. It has support for group activities and HD Video. It also has robust collaboration building blocks that can be shaped into valuable features. I wrote about my exploration of JAM recently.

When products with such phenomenal reach, powerful ideas validated by ten of customers and smart people with a combined industry experience of more than 100 years come together, the result is going to be magical. Customers are going to be the ultimate winners. Stay tuned.

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