Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Profile in SuccessFactors JAM Is A Pin Board For Your Work

I have been exploring SuccessFactors JAM and the profile it provides for a few days now. The Profile feature provided by JAM is interesting. It is not just a place where information about me is stored. It is also a place where evidence of my work is surfaced. JAM surfaces all the work I share publicly, on my profile. For example, when I share a document, a presentation, an article, an image or a video, on my wall or in any public work space within JAM, it shows up on my profile.

Colleagues who look up my information not only get to see my organizational information, but also get to see my work. Colleagues who want to look up a document that I shared can simply search for my name and then look at the documents section to see what is there. This is a more natural way to sharing and finding information rather than creating a folder or a work space.

Another important thing is that my profile will continue to exist even after I leave the company. So people who succeed me in my job will be able to look up my profile and see the associated resources which contain some of my knowledge and experience.

Suddenly the person is at the middle  instead of a document or a file. In the future, I suspect such information about a persons works will be organized and presented in interesting ways.

One important thing to note is that I have complete control over what is displayed in my profile for others to see. Only the documents that I choose to make public within the company's walls are made visible to my colleagues. The documents and files I share in private work spaces stay private.

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