Friday, February 10, 2012

Oracle Wants To Empower Employees To Manage Their Careers

Oracle's acquisition of Taleo was expected and was well reported and analysed by many leading analysts such as Bersin and Ray Wang. When I read the Oracle press release, I noticed the focus on empowering employees to manage their careers. Last year I spoke to more than 120 people from around the world and asked them what is their top most priority at work. All of them said that managing their own performance so that it advances their career is their top priority.

I am glad to see Oracle focusing on this as well. After all, employees care about their career more than they care about HR transactions. Adoption and the success of all future people management technology will depend on how well it enables people to manage their work and how well it helps them get ahead in their career. The focus on people by both SAP and Oracle is a welcome change in the people management software industry. There is tremendous opportunity to innovate in this area. We are just getting started.

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