Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Feeds Or Pages

When we showed early prototypes of how a collaborative human capital management solution might look, we got some good reviews from customers. However customers cautioned us that there are groups of people in every organization who do not like to consume information as feeds. They prefer a static page of information from where they can navigate to the content of their choice. We made a note of this requirement.

Yesterday my colleague Joydip Das mentioned to me that he was able to address this problem using SuccessFactors JAM. He created a group activity for sharing content and updates with a team of people. Most of his colleagues in that work group wanted all information listed clearly when they enter the group activity.

Joydip switched the view from Feeds To a Wiki page where he organized the information in a static page format. His colleagues were pleased. This might be a small thing. But it is things like these that enable the adoption of a collaboration tool. Adoption is key to the success of any collaboration tool.

Images from the Economist and www.fromoldbooks.org


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