Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My Performance Review For 2011 : LIKE

I received an interesting performance review for 2011 from my colleagues who built the SAP Career OnDemand profile module. My performance rating is LIKE. I received my rating in the form of a stuffed trophy carried all the way from Budapest to the US and hand delivered by the product owner Gabor Mittweg. Here is a picture of it.

I have received many performance ratings in the past and I think this beats them all. My colleagues told me that I am receiving this special LIKE trophy for putting them through a lot of pain during the design and development process of the profile module and making them do things that are almost impossible to do.

A bit more about the talent profile that the Career OnDemand team has built. In my opinion, it is going to be the best profile in the industry for a long long time. Based on inputs from tens of co-innovation customers, the team has built career history, goals, activities, mentoring, feedback and conversation into the profile in a very elegant manner. They have tied it together with enterprise search, which can be as sophisticated or as as simple as the user wants it to be. This profile is searchable by anyone in the company from a laptop or a mobile device. I am confident that this beats any profile, any expert finder system or any internal job candidate search system that is available.

I am very proud of this world class team. Expect great things from this team.


  1. Thanks Prashanth!
    It was one of the greatest honours to work together with you. I wish it was not over... :(


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