Saturday, December 03, 2011

Answers To Questions About Products And Technology

Since the SuccessFactors acquisition announcement by SAP today morning, many friends, partners and customers have started asking me about the future of OnPremise SAP Talent Management Suite and the technology platform for OnDemand Talent Management suite. I cannot talk about them at this time.

However, all questions were answered by Bill, Jim and Vishal Sikka during the investor relations call today morning. I listened to the call and our executives answered every product question and every technology question quite clearly. If you have some background about SAP HCM software you will get your answers from that call.

Bill, Jim and Vishal lay out the reason for the acquisition, the immediate market potential, the total addressable market, the focus of ByDesign technology platform, the focus of ByDesign Applications, the technology platform choice for Line Of Business OnDemand applications and the technology platform choice for Core applications. Vishal clearly articulated the vision for technology integration between SuccessFactors and SAP Platforms.

Click here to listen to listen to the webcast. Free registration is required. Runs on IE or Firefox browsers.

I suggest you listen to it even if you are an SAP employee.

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