Thursday, December 22, 2011

My book on telling a product story with a prototype : Look and Flow

In his book ‘The Lean Startup’, Eric Ries talks about how Drew Houston, the CEO of Dropbox conveyed his idea to investors and customers by using a prototype and telling a story. Drew wanted to convince investors about the need for a new file sharing tool. He wanted to show investors how the product worked. But the technology to make it work was too complex. He could not write code to demonstrate the product in the given time frame. So he made a video that simulated how the product might work accompanied by narration and posted it on the Dropbox web site. This video drove tens of thousands of people to try his product. They liked it, understood how to use it and started using the product. Today Dropbox is a successful silicon valley company valued at over a billion dollars.

Effective entrepreneurs, product managers and product designers tell a story to sell their ideas to investors, customers and colleagues. Today, many of them tell a story with words and static pictures created in tools such as PowerPoint or Photoshop. There is a better way. They need to tell a story accompanied by a simulation of how a product might work. They need to show the look and flow. I am writing this book along with my co-authors Enric Gili Fort and Eduardo Salamanca de Diego. If you are interested in a sneak peek, please email me, tweet me at @sprabu or leave a comment here. I will send you an invite.

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