Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sales OnDemand User Experience Was Built By UX Designers And Product Owners

The role of a user experience designer and product owner are changing drastically now-a-days. Design has become very important and yet companies do not hire sufficient number of designers to cover the work. I was curious how the Sales OnDemand team handled this situation. I posed this question to Prerna, one of the UX design colleagues. She said that User Experience designers provided the basic screens to the product owners and explained the broad framework within which product owners needs to operate. Product Owners did a significant portion of the user experience design themselves.

This makes a lot of sense. Design is how things work. It is not just how things look. So the product owners who have a deep understanding of the needs of customers should be able to think through how the product will work and represent the flow in some form.

Such product owners will be successful in the future. Those who don't run the risk of failure.
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