Thursday, June 30, 2011

Twitter Tools I Use and My Pattern of Usage

A colleague who follows me on twitter asked me about the tools I use and my pattern of usage. So instead of sending him an email, I decided to share it with everyone. @Chirag_Mehta introduced me to most of these tools.

1. Tweetdeck
I use this tool when I am at my desk. I watch events specific tweets on columns and favorite the tweets for later reading or retweet them for others.

TweetDeck for Desktop

2. Chome PlugIn
I use this while I am reading something on the web. The beauty is that I can quote articles and tweet the link with relative ease. All I have to do is choose the text I want to tweet and click on the icon on the tool bar.

3. FlipBoard on the iPad.
After hearing me talk non-stop about the iPad, my wife got it for me as a gift just to shut me up. I use the Flipboard app for the iPad to read all my favorite magazines. While reading I share the ones, I think my followers might care about. This is normally after dinner while sitting on the couch.

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