Friday, June 04, 2010

How a new hire is taking charge of the first 90 days in his new job

Recently a friend of mine accepted a job offer from a top consulting company. We spoke about the challenges of a new employee in a new large organization. We discussed the research done by two MIT professors on new-hire on-boarding.

After realizing the importance of connecting with people in the first few weeks on the job, he is taking charge of his on-boarding process to ensure that he can hit the ground running right from day one.

Weeks before his first day, he created a workspace and shared his thoughts and goals about the first 90 days at his job. He then invited his mentor from his new company to join so that he can connect him to the right people. He invited, the senior business partner who interviewed to review and comment on his goals. He also invited his former colleagues who supported him during his job change to join the workspace to support his first 90 days in his new job.

Since a major part of his job is implementing enterprise software he also invited his contacts who are product managers from enterprise software companies to advice him during the process.

He used @SAPStreamwork to create the workspace and take charge of his On-Boarding into his new job. You can too, for free. Streamwork is free for up to 5 activities.

Go ahead. Give it a try. Take charge of your on-boarding if you are changing jobs. It does not matter whether you are changing companies or changing jobs within the company.

PS: I will update this post to share more info about his experience.

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