Friday, June 04, 2010

How a hiring manager is taking charge of the recruiting process and getting the best talent for his team

One of my colleagues @MChewD is building a world class design thinking team to turbo charge the SAP On-Demand team. He is hiring product managers, smart technologists and design thinkers. He has to manage the hiring process for several open positions within his team. He is looking at both internal and external candidates.

To manage all the process without drowning in email and attachments, he has taken charge with an innovative approach. He created a workspace and invited his recruiters and 2 HR business partners  to join the workspace so that he can clearly articulate his hiring needs to them and help them find the best candidates for him. When he expands his team in Germany, he plans to invite his German HR partners as well.

He also invited one of his senior team members to join the workspace to help him review the candidates, rank them and eventually hire the best people. He told me that this has taken the multiple emails and multiple attachments out of the picture.

If you are a hiring manager tired of using email to manage the hiring process, give @SAPStreamwork a try. It is free for up to five activities. You just need one activity to manage your hiring process. You can invite recruiters within your company, contract recruiters who are not in your company's email system and friends outside the company who are advising you on the hiring process to join the workspace and help you out.

If you are a hiring manager, you know that hiring is a collaborative effort where your relationship with the recruiter and the HR business partner matters a lot. Managing this relationship via email is stressful. So, go ahead. Take charge of the hiring process, engage your recruiters and HR business partners and get the best people for your team.

PS:Streamwork home page will state that it is a decision support tool. Yes. It does that very well. But it can do much more than that.
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