Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SuccessFactors Recruiting and Recruiting Integration Learning Material

For many months now independent SAP consultants and SAP HCM consultants have reached out to me asking me how they can start learning SuccessFactors implementation. They ask me about learning to configuring the appropriate SuccessFactors product and in some cases integrating the product with SAP ERP HCM or SAP ERP. Some even complained to me about the lack of publicly available paid training material.

We always had implementation content. But such content was available only for SuccessFactors consultants and partners. That is starting to change. My colleagues in the SAP best practices team are starting to make such detailed step by step implementation content available publicly to everyone for free. This is good news for SAP HCM partner organizations who want to make the move to SuccessFactors, independent SAP HCM consultants and even fresh graduates who want to understand the basics of implementing SuccessFactors.

SAP best practice package for SuccessFactors Recruiting
My colleagues are starting with a best practice package for SuccessFactors Recruiting and SuccessFactors Recruiting integration with SAP ERP HCM. You can access the package from http://bit.ly/sapbestpracticesforsuccessfactors

This package is not only a step by step implementation guide for recruiting, but also good learning material for beginners. It is free for download for anyone.

The next SAP Best Practice package for SuccessFactors will be for SuccessFactors Compensation including the integration of Compensation with SAP ERP HCM. More will follow.

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