Friday, April 11, 2014

SuccessFactors Learning Curricula Integration with SAP Qualifications

You probably know that we are working on integrating SuccessFactors Competency Catalog with the SAP Qualifications Catalog. This blog post is not about SuccessFactors Competencies integration with SAP Qualifications. It is about a second packaged integration we are building in this area.

During the co-innovation phase my colleagues found out that customers use SuccessFactors Learning Curricula much the same way we expect them to use competencies. For example, when someone completed a curricula in SuccessFactors Learning, they treat it like attaining a Qualification in SAP.

My colleagues in product management and engineering watched what customers are doing closely and are building a packaged integration that makes it easy for every customer to follow this simple yet effective approach.

The product owner for this integration is my colleague Ganesh Kudva. Today after dinner, Ganesh and I discussed the nuances of this particular integration and talked about the scenarios, assumptions, risks and limitations if any.

Mapping of Objects
Learning Curricula in SuccessFactors Learning is mapped to Qualifications in SAP.

Transfer of Curricula Status
When an employee completes a Curricula in SuccessFactors Learning, that status is sent to SAP. That Curricula completion status creates the appropriate relationship between the Employee and the Qualification in SAP.

What happens when completion of a curricula expires in SuccessFactors Learning?
When the completion of a Curricula expires in SuccessFactors Learning, that expiry status is also sent to SAP. The corresponding qualification is them removed from the employee's Qualifications Profile.

What about proficiency levels?
There are no proficiency levels when it comes to completion of a curricula in SuccessFactors learning. One either completes a curricula or not.

Additional Learning

To understand this integration it is essential to understand SuccessFactors Curricula and SAP Qualifications. So I decided to point readers to some excellent material on the topic.

SuccessFactors Curriculum
If you are wondering what is a Curriculum in SuccessFactors, here is an excellent video I found. The video explains the concept as well as any one could.

SAP Qualifications
Julien Tuerlinckx has written an excellent post on SAP Qualifications Management on SCN.  His second post talks more about Qualifications Management.

Finally, this integration is in the works for release soon.  This post is not an official communication of release or design. Once the integration is officially released, we will announce it part of the formal release highlights.

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