Friday, April 11, 2014

SuccessFactors Competencies Integration With SAP Qualifications

The SuccessFactors HCM suite has a competency library where an employee’s competencies are maintained. Applications such as SuccessFactors Performance and Goals, SuccessFactors Learning and SuccessFactors Succession and Development utilize the competency library for talent management processes.

SAP ERP has a qualifications catalog, where employee qualifications are maintained. Several ERP applications make use of this qualifications catalog and the qualifications assigned to individual employees for business processes.

Why “Competencies Integration with SAP Qualifications”?

Customers who use the talent hybrid deployment model  need a single source of truth for their competency library and the competencies of their employees.

Integration Data Flow from SAP to SuccessFactors 

The prepackaged integration described in this section addresses this customer need. The prepackaged integration enables customers to do the following. Customers who currently have an SAP ERP Qualifications catalog can export the qualifications into a file using a program provided as part of the prepackaged integration. This file can be then used by the customer’s SuccessFactors administrators to populate the SuccessFactors competency library. This is a one-time upload.

Customers can also do a one time upload of Employee Qualifications from SAP to the SuccessFactors Talent Solutions Suite.

Integration Data Flow from SuccessFactors HCM Suite to SAP ERP

Once the SuccessFactors competency catalog is populated, customers are required to maintain the catalog in SuccessFactors. Changes made to the SuccessFactors competency catalog will be sent to SAP ERP Qualifications catalog periodically. Competencies associated with a person are also sent to the SAP Qualifications Profile.

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