Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Document Is In My Jam Page

I had to step in for David Ludlow last week for an executive presentation on SAP and SuccessFactors solutions. I have done this multiple times in the past and I have used David's solution presentations. This time when he suggested that I present to this group of executives from a US chemical company, I asked David for his HR Insider 2014 Keynote presentation. Usually David sends it via email, puts it in a folder or sends it via an internal file transfer system called SAPMATs. This time however he replied and said that that presentation is in his Jam page. He did not have to say anything more. I knew where to find it.

This is an interesting turn of events. David and many other colleagues have started posting content such as our key presentations to our SAP Jam profile pages so that anyone in the company can access those assets. The key thing here is that content is attached to a person rather than the other way around. A nice example of people-centric design.

SAP Jam documents are associated with a person's profile.

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