Thursday, March 27, 2014

Editing In SharePoint Vs Editing In SAP Jam

At SAP we use both SharePoint and SAP Jam. SharePoint is used by the SuccessFactors product marketing teams to post content for field colleagues and partners. SAP Jam is used for sharing and conversations. Editing is SharePoint is very different from editing a page on Jam. Jam editing is WYSIWYG where as editing in SharePoint, while very strctured and robust, is not WYSIWYG.

WYSIWSG matters a lot for user engagement. I noticed that many of my colleagues just do the essential in SharePoint because it feels a bit like configuring a system rather than editing a page. SAP Jam on the other hand makes editing more like editing a document and thus improves user engagement. In fact it is so easy to set up an SAP Jam group for a topic that Jam groups are proliferating like rabbits everywhere. Sometimes I think there should a limit on the number of Jam groups a person is allowed to create.

The Edit screen in Jam feels like editing a Word document

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