Saturday, November 02, 2013

Fiori Could Be A Unified User Interface For Select SAP and SuccessFactors Functionality

Earlier this year at HR Insider Las Vegas and HR Insider Amsterdam I showed a demo of SAP Fiori apps for SAP HCM. Since then over 200 customers have enthusiastically adopted Fiori apps. One of the main reasons is that Fiori apps provide a simple, device agnostic interface to SAP applications.

At TechEd Las Vegas Vishal Sikka outlined his vision of Fiori serving not just the Business Suite users, but also users of cloud applications.

Vishal outlined his vision for Fiori for Business Suite and Cloud apps at TechEd

Today I had an informal chat with some colleagues about what might be a first step towards a collection of Fiori apps that might derive functionality from both SAP OnPremise and SuccessFactors cloud applications. These are some notes from our coffee conversation.

There are a few Fiori apps available for SAP Core HR OnPremise. It makes logical sense to build more apps that empower users by providing them with device agnostic access to more OnPremise core HR functionality.

Fiori apps could highlight many of the high value functionality that is not yet exposed in the current SuccessFactors mobile apps. Fiori apps could liberate the SuccessFactors mobile team from building native apps for multiple platforms and devices. Fiori apps team can augment the strength of the talented SuccessFactors engineering team with even more engineering fire power and make the products even more successful.

Fiori apps can co-exist with current SAP and SuccessFactors User Intefaces
There are some practical considerations. The SuccessFactors web user interface has hundreds of screens that tens of millions of employees, managers, compensations analysts, recruiters and administrators use. SuccessFactors also has existing native mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Everything cannot be in Fiori on day one. It will have to be done in multiple steps with select functionality that customers want device agnostic access to.

Another consideration is price. Since Fiori apps have a price tag associated with them, there should be a way for users to access all SAP and SuccessFactors functionality even without Fiori.

I see interesting possibilities where A Fiori product team can augment the SuccessFactors team by building micro people and talent management apps that bring out the beauty of SuccessFactors and provide such functionality to users along with their other business apps. Interesting stuff.

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