Friday, September 27, 2013

SAP HCM Functional Consultants Will Benefit From The Metadata Framework

My colleague and friend Darrell Lew and I are delivering a SuccessFactors product overview session as part of the SuccessFactors Seminar series. I called him yesterday to discuss part of the story. He was in Chicago attending a training session on Advanced Employee Central Configuration and the Metadata Framework, which is used to extend Employee Central. Employee Central is SAP's Core HR product in the cloud.

Darrell is an expert in SAP HCM and is also well trained in Employee Central. I respect his opinion a lot because he meets several current and potential Employee Central customers every week and has a good handle on the problems customers and partners are facing.

We were discussing how the metadata framework can be used by SuccessFactors consultants and SAP HCM Functional consultants. Since the MDF is user interface driven, SAP HCM functional consultants who are used to configuring SAP HCM using IMG will feel at home using the meta data framework to extend SuccessFactors Employee Central. The skill to extend Employee Central is a very crucial one for SAP ERP HCM customers who are moving human capital management to the cloud.

While I am excited about the metadata framework, I am even more excited about the fact that thousands of HCM domain experts from SAP and other software providers who are acquiring SuccessFactors knowledge and skills will be able to utilize their deep HCM domain expertise and do some hand-on work to help current SAP ERP HCM customers move their people management software to the cloud.

Where can you learn more about the meta data framework?
1. Read the blog post by my friend and fellow SAP Mentor Luke Marson.
2. Register for an Employee Central Advanced Configuration training program provided by SuccessFactors.
3. Attend the SuccessFactors Seminar series where Venki Krishnamoorthy will talk about and demo MDF
4. If you are the SAP TechEd 2013, there are sessions about Extensibility, covering MDF.

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