Friday, September 27, 2013

HR Generalists Have A Friend In Employee Central

In the upcoming SuccessFactors Seminar series, there is a session on SuccessFactors Solution Overview. For that session, I have invited my colleagues Darrell Lew and Joe Chance to tell the Employee Central Story from the HR Generalist's point of view. Since I am a big fan of putting the person in the middle for all stories, we decided to tell the Employee Central Administration story from the point of view of a person. We will tell the story from the point of view of an HR Generalist, who sometimes plays the role of an administrator.

The HR Generalist gets requests to help on strategic projects as well as tactical tasks. He or she needs to juggle the tactical tasks while keeping an eye on strategic priorities. The designers of Employee Central and the SuccessFactors Talent Solutions Suite understand this and have built the system to meet these needs.

I sketched the trailer for the story today. Plan to build the scenes in the story in the coming days. I have seen Darrell tell the Employee Central story to HR Generalists. They usually like the product very much.

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