Monday, August 05, 2013

Adam Sells SuccessFactors Talent Solutions To SAP HCM Customers

Every month, in the SuccessFactors sales boot camp, I speak to a set of new SuccessFactors regional sales managers about the value of SuccessFactors solutions to SAP ERP HCM customers and the opportunity in front of them. I point out to them that while customers love the SuccessFactors solutions, it is important to explain to them how SuccessFactors applications and SAP ERP HCM applications can work together. I also talk about how, using the standard integrations available, customers can start using any SuccessFactors applications in conjunction with their SAP ERP HCM applications.

Rather than use standard slides I had promised them to create customized content that is tailored to their needs. I finally got around to doing that this week. I will post this content to HCM Exchange jam group and the partner exchange Jam group in the next few days. If you are a colleague or a partner and want a copy to review, please leave a comment and I might be able to share.

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