Monday, August 05, 2013

10 SAP Terms People In the SuccessFactors Ecosystem Should Know

In early 2012 when my SuccessFactors colleagues spoke to SAP customers, they sometimes got thoroughly confused by the terms used by SAP colleagues, customers and partners. I told them that there is no need to panic and all they need to know is 10 terms to get a grasp of the conversation of an SAP team.

In most cases they did not even need to know what the words meant. They just need to be familiar with the word to recognize that it is an SAP term and they need to talk to an SAP HCM colleague. It worked out fine. Now-a-days, most SuccessFactors colleagues can recognize Sapanese, even if they are not fluent in them. These are the 10 terms we picked.

The explanations are oversimplified. Some of my SAP colleagues were even mildly annoyed with me for such over simplification. If there is enough interest, I might even publish a longer version as a book.


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