Saturday, July 13, 2013

77,000+ SAP HR Professionals On LinkedIn

Over 77,000 professionals identify themselves as SAP HR professionals in LinkedIn. There are over 14,000 such colleagues in my extended network alone. Most of them work at customer organizations. A significant portion of them work for SAP partners and a small number of colleagues work at SAP.

I believe that any product management person, who wants his or her strategy to be successful, should take into consideration the people who's career depends on his or her decisions. When I make my product direction and road map recommendations to product teams, I keep these colleagues in mind. While everyone understands that human capital management is moving to the cloud, there is a human factor that needs to be considered and steps need to taken to take this large, vibrant and high quality colleagues along. I think everyday about how my recommendations to current SAP HCM customers and my decisions at work affect these colleagues' work and career.

This was one of the reasons I was keen to take on the responsibility for SAP SuccessFactors integrations training sessions and SAP SuccessFactors integration Jam communities. Some good work has been done this year. We have trained over 600 colleagues for a total of over 2000 course hours. All these training sessions have been recorded and are available from Jam communities for SAP SuccessFactors colleagues and partners. All these training sessions are available for free to all SAP SuccessFactors colleagues and SAP SuccessFactors partners. If you need access, please email my colleague Bryan. His email is bryan dot hart at sap dot com.

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