Monday, May 13, 2013

The Number of Integrations An Average HCM Customer Has

Based on the customers I have worked with this year, I learned that, on an average, a customer who has a few thousand employees has about 60 integrations. This includes integrations with their OnPremise systems and third party services for people management. I believe this number will hold good irrespective of the cloud HCM software provider. Naturally, the number of integrations will go up with additional countries and multiple HCM systems. This number is based on a sample of SAP ERP customers.

When customers produce a list larger than 60 integrations, my colleagues and I have a close look to see what are the additional ones. In most cases we found out that multiple integrations existed because they were built by different teams over a period of time and we can combine them and reduce the complexity and cost. What is your experience? How many do your customers have on an average.

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