Friday, May 31, 2013

SAP Jam Has 9.8 Million Subscribers

At Sapphire 2013 SAP Co-CEO Jim Snabe announced that SAP Jam has more than 9.8 Million Subscribers. That is impressive growth. I was personally involved in a few SAP Jam pursuits. Many customers who buy SuccessFactors Learning for their entire employee population, see SAP Jam as a natural extension of that learning management tool.

Image via Sameer Patel
I have great respect for the collaboration products built by standalone providers and CRM providers. But the huge advantage SAP Jam has is that is is part of most people management software conversations. So when a customer with a million employees considers learning management tools for their employee population, SAP Jam gets a million additional users.

The integration between SAP Jam and SuccessFactors learning is useful and built-in. SAP Jam is natively integrated with SuccessFactors Employee Central. So when a customer with 500,000 users buys Employee Central, SAP Jam is part of the conversation.There are many more possible useful integrations under consideration that will make SAP Jam a part of every sales conversation that SuccessFactors and SAP HCM sales teams have with customers. That is hard to beat even for the best stand-alone collaboration tool providers or tools from CRM providers. SAP Jam is also integrated with SAP OnPremise HCM via the employee master data integration that we released last year. This integration makes it possible for SAP ERP HCM customers to have standard integration with SAP Jam and use it for purposes such as informal learning and social onboarding.

The SAP Jam team is a brilliant and capable team. They also have this huge barrier to entry on their side. SuccessFactors has over 18 million users. SAP HCM has over 25 million users. I would not be surprised if this SAP Jam subscribers number doubles in a year or two.

You can read my hypothesis for social-software-at-work here.

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