Friday, May 31, 2013

How Social Networks Help Us Target Audiences For Training

When we announce training on SAP and SuccessFactors integration, the best channels to get the word out are the internal and external social networks that we have built. Since these communities are dynamic living communities, these have become the most reliable and trusted way to spread the word. I want to point out that this is not A channel to spread the word. For us, this has become THE channel to spread the word. We do not even have an email distribution list for announcing events anymore. Everyone in the groups are automatically invited. If they leave they are not invited.

I also use my personal networks on LinkedIn, Google+ Blogger Jam and Twitter to share information, rather than send a heavy newsletter via email. I linked many of these networks so that when I post a blog it gets posted on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn with no additional effort.

SAP Jam is working wonders for us internally at SAP and SuccessFactors. I will talk about this and show some examples at HR Insider Amsterdam. 

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