Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Content, Consumption and Conversation

SAP HCM Exchange is a community powered by SuccessFactors Jam. This is the community of products and sales colleagues where all sales assets are shared, consumed and discussed. It has been working well for us so far. My colleague Michael Sven Kandziora, tracks three things in the HCM Exchange every week. The content created, the level of consumption and the number of conversations. SuccessFactors Jam gives community administrators detailed data about content, consumption and conversation. Michael and Enric Gili Fort designed the reports that give us clear insight into the week that was in the community. These reports then determine our action plan for the following week. 

Thanks to the reports provided by SuccessFactors Jam, at any given time, we can determine the exact impact our work is having on the capabilities of our HCM Field colleagues.

Michael, Enric and I also wanted a single number to determine the capability of the community. So we came up with an index called the Community Capability Index which is a product of Content, Consumption and Conversations in the community. We believe that this single index will help us track the overall value generated by the contributors and participants.

Here is a sample Impact report that Michael sends out every week. This is in effect, tracking the informal learning that happens in the community on a weekly basis. SuccessFactors Jam has been a phenomenal success to promote informal learning within SAP teams. I believe that this is going to impact HCM revenue this year to the tune to tens of millions of dollars. What I like about it is the precision with which we can take action based on the data we get.

We also get data at about every participant in the community. Such data gives us insight into the participation of every product and field colleague in every topic area. We can target content creation or focus attention on a particular topic area on a weekly basis, based on the real time data we get. This is some of the best insight I have derived from a system in a long long time.

Michael is going back to Germany in a month after completing his stint here in Palo Alto. If you are an SAP hiring manager in Europe, you should give him a call. He is going to be hot property.

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