Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OnBoarding A Sales Team Using SuccessFactors Jam

SAP is hiring a many new Human Capital Management software sales people this year. David Ludlow, the head of solution management for HCM and my manager suggested that we practice what we preach and use SuccessFactors Jam for OnBoarding all the new sales colleagues.

SuccessFactors Jam is now available for all the 55,000 employees at SAP.
This means all SAP employees can now access Jam and participate in communities from their desktop, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices.

It is integrated with our organizational chart
This means that my sales colleagues can click on the name of any participant in the community and get an idea of who they are, who the work for, the content they have shared and so on.

Single SignOn is enabled.
This means that we can share a link of a document posted in Jam via email to a large audience and they can reach that document, or page with one click.

We can track content views and the people who viewed the content
We can track the number of views on the content we post. Not only that. Everyone can see who viewed the documents and even the version of the document they viewed. So we will be able to tell which sales colleague has seen which version of the document. We will be able to track the popularity of a piece of content and the consumption of any particular individual in the community. All this information is all transparent for everyone to see.

Using SuccessFactors Jam, we are going to significantly speed up the OnBoarding process of our sales colleagues. We are going to have detailed analytics on the content level and person level to focus on a piece of content that needs improvement or a person who needs attention.

Rapid rich media content creation
Our solution managers can not only share presentations, the can also create share videos of how they will present the content to customers using simple video content creation and sharing tools within Jam.

Conversations at a micro content level.
Our sales colleagues can ask questions to the product experts about specific pages in a presentation or specific segments in a video.

Support for multiple mobile devices
Support for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackbeery devices means our sales colleagues can consume fresh content on their mobile devices when every they want from where ever they are.

I am sure we will learn a thing or two doing this. I'll keep you posted.

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