Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Building Architect Vs Landlord

Designers of OnPremise Enterprise software are a bit like building architects. They care a lot about how the product looks and functions on the day of release rather than think about how the product will meet the needs of people a year from the day of release. Like a building architect making a statement with the facade of his or her building, designers of OnPremise software try to demonstrate great features with every release. The designer of OnPremise software strives for more complex features with many spectacular moving parts that show off the latest and greatest technologies.

The OnPremise software designer is not rewarded for building software that is easy to maintain or has lower total cost of ownership. Like a building architect who is rewarded for making a statement with his building on opening day, the OnPremise software designer is rewarded for making a big bang release.

The designer of cloud software is like a landlord. He cares about how the building will function for years to come. The Landlord cares about how the building is going to meet the needs of his tenants because if it does not, they will move out. He cares about how much time he needs to devote for the upkeep of the building, because more time devoted to maintenance means less profit margins. He worries about how much money he need to spend to fix or modify things so that the building is usable by the tenant.

The landlord does not care about fancy features. He cares about features that work, break less often, meet the needs of his tenants today and modular enough to accommodate future needs and expansion.

I think an architect will have a hard time becoming a landlord and vice versa.

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