Sunday, February 26, 2012

Informal Learning For Those Who Don't Use A Computer

A significant portion of the world's workers do not work in the knowledge industry. For example, people who work in the mining industry and utilities industry may not always use their computers to get their job done. However there is a heavy need for training in all industries in the world. In some cases this training needs to be delivered to where the person is rather than bring the person to a training room.

The video capture feature in SuccessFactors Jam mobile application enables people who are not computer users to create training content, share it, search for it and consume it from their mobile devices. The process is so simple that any person who users a smart phone today will be able to post, share, search and consume content. They will even be able to register their appreciation, and discuss the content by entering their comments from their mobile devices.

I made a quick video to show how this can be done.

Some key things to note are
 1. A person can create and post video content from a smart phone.
2. The content is searchable from the the company's learning management system
3. The content is searchable and viewable in a mobile device.
4. Viewers can indicate the value of the content by viewing it, liking it or discussing it.

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