Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Democratization Of Rich Content Creation

I have been in the learning content creation business for more than fifteen years. I always faced one problem - the lack of availability of rich content creation tools for everyone in the company. Although there were good tools available for content creation, they were normally licensed to a few experts in the training department. Meanwhile the content experts created their content on PowerPoint. No wonder we ended up with 60% of the world's training in PowerPoint format. Content creation tools were also restricted to people who knew how to use a computer. A majority of the world's workforce does not use a computer and this majority was denied the opportunity to create and share learning content.

So I was particularly excited to learn that SuccessFactors Jam makes rich content creation tools available for everyone in the company, even those who do not use a computer. Here is a video of how it works.

This video shows how the content is optimized and streamed to mobile devices. 


  1. Hi Prashanth,
    Another usefull free tool for screencasts is

  2. Thanks. I looked at their video. Looks like a neat product.


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