Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Visualizing A Story As An iPad Application

A few days back, I shared a story of a mother collaborating with her son's pediatrician using an application called Doctor's place. This post is to talk a bit about how the doctor will collaborate with the patient's mother using his iPad. In our scenario, the doctor is looking at an X-Ray while he is away at a conference and recording a message for the mother to assure  her that her is son is okay. I'll use the three layer structure used by most iPad applications.

The first frame
Dr. Abernathy launches the iPad app and sees all the messages across all his patients. One of the messages is from Alice Chang, about an X-Ray that he needs to look at.

The second frame
Dr. Abernathy taps the message with his finger and opens it to see the X-Ray

The third frame
Dr. Abernathy taps the 'Message' button on the X-Ray and writes a message to Mary Smith, the patients mother. Sensing that Mary is anxious about her son's health, he also taps on the 'Record Video' button to record a personal message to Mary. I have not shown the video recording screen here. I skipped it.

The fourth frame
Dr. Abernathy sends the message and notices that an update has been added to Jason's page.

With a prototype that has about four to six iPad frames you can capture the core value your product brings and convey it to your customers, partners, investors and executives to get their input. The iPad provides some good constraints that will force you to simplify your story. It also gives you enough desktop real estate to convey the necessary details.

I used the prototyping tool Axure to create these iPad prototypes.

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